Who am I?
Grüezi! I’m Noah Urech, a Swiss Graphic Designer. I want to push the creative limits and am eager to learn and adapt new skills. After my Internship at Studio Mut in 2021, I graduated Fachklasse Grafik Luzern in 2022. I’m a curious and adventurous person, currently traveling and exploring the world.
Why do I design?
In Design, I see the opportunity to shape and enhance interpersonal as well as technical relationships and interactions. Furthermore, communicating important content and making functions – which positively enrich our lives – usable. Through good design, I believe we can create an environment, which is more beautiful, sustainable, fun and worth living.
What do I design?
Trained as a Graphic Designer, I strive to create bold, captivating and powerful visual concepts. I don’t want to limit myself, nor set borders amongst design disciplines – because the most exciting results often originate in these interfaces. Be it identity, branding, signage, product design, animation, creative coding or UI/UX design – as long as it challenges me – I’m hugely interested!
Contact me!
You can always contact me in English, German,
French or a very bad Italian!
+41 79 120 82 96