“Weltklasse” is a Graphic-Design-Workshop organized by the international Graphic Design Festival Weltformat in Lucerne. Dynamism, upheaval, movement: continuous change has always accompanied us – personally and as a society – since the beginning of time. While change often means progress, sometimes sudden changes hit us unprepared and with full force. How do designers interact with these constant changes, caused by technical innovations, new trends and changing needs? With “Not (Yet) Cancelled”, this year's (2020) Weltformat Graphic Design Festival illuminates the effects of change and transformation on design. My project combines milestones of typography and its change in technology over thousands of years. It combines old and new techniques that are in my opinion “not (yet) cancelled”. The project has been elected and published by Weltformat as key-visual for the Workshop “Weltklasse” with Grilli Type.
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